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Spanish Ebola Case Likely Due To Human Error

News outlets continue to report on the first case of Ebola transmission outside of West Africa and how the Spanish nurse with Ebola may have contracted the disease.

New York Times: Officials Cite Error With Gloves in Spanish Case of Ebola
“Spanish health officials began to explain Wednesday how an auxiliary nurse became the first Ebola case in Western Europe, saying that it was likely she became infected when she touched her face with the gloves she had worn while tending to a Spanish missionary with Ebola at a Madrid hospital…” (Minder, 10/8).

Wall Street Journal: Ebola Infection in Spain Might Be Human Error
“The Spanish nursing aide infected with Ebola believes she might have caught the virus by touching her face with a gloved hand after treating a missionary brought [to Spain] from Sierra Leone, a doctor said Wednesday…” (Brat et al., 10/8).