Single-Dose Malaria Drug Performs Well In Laboratory Tests, Study Shows

The Hindu: Candidate malaria drug may cure with single dose
“Last year, AstraZeneca, the global drug company, closed its research center in Bengaluru. One of the legacies of the work carried out there is the identification of a novel candidate drug for malaria. In laboratory tests, this molecule has shown that it was fast acting and remained in the blood for an extended period of time, creating the possibility of a single-dose treatment, according to a paper published recently…” (Raj, 4/2).

International Business Times: Fast working malaria drug developed that works against resistant strains
“A fast working, single dose malaria drug developed by scientists based in Bangalore has proved to be safe and effective in a series of tests on animals. … The drug is said to work against drug resistant strains of the malaria pathogen and has no known side-effects. After a few more lab tests, it will go for clinical trials in humans…” (Jayalakshmi K, 4/1).

The Times of India: Bengaluru scientists find drug which could cure malaria with one dose
“…[T]his drug has the potential to cure the dreaded disease in one dose makes it more attractive to health care providers…” (Kumar, 4/1).