Significant But Worthy Investment Needed To End TB Globally

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: A good price to pay: An $8 billion investment could cure tuberculosis by 2045
Editorial Board

“Tuberculosis … could be eradicated by 2045. But achieving this reality … will require a significant investment — $2 billion per year for the next four years, to be exact. This estimate was made by a group of 37 commissioners from 13 countries in a report recently published by the prestigious medical journal The Lancet. … The commission specifically noted its hope that a group of countries could scrounge the $8 billion needed to fund a vital four-year period of tuberculosis research. But why not a wealthy benefactor like Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates? A donation of $8 billion would hardly put a dent in either of their pocketbooks while delivering a meaningful message of the power of philanthropy. But whoever ends up footing the bill, spending $8 billion to cure one of the world’s most pernicious diseases in 26 years seems like an awfully good price to pay” (5/18).

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: U.S. can lead the fights on disease, poverty
Stephanie Carleton, volunteer advocate for RESULTS

“…The United States has been a leader in providing a third of the financial resources for the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria since 2002, helping to save 27 million lives. Leadership is not just a personal characteristic. It shapes the reputations and actions of countries as well. The Global Fund needs $14 billion dollars to save 16 million lives by 2022, and put us on a path to ending these diseases. It’s time for President Donald Trump, Sens. Bob Casey and Pat Toomey, and our other members of Congress to lead again by funding at least a third of the total needed for the Global Fund” (5/22).