Researchers Identify Gene Marker For Piperaquine-Resistant Malaria In Cambodia

BBC News: Malaria drugs’ complete failure tracked
“…Artemisinin resistance has been known about for years, but a recent rise in resistance to piperaquine as well means the main malaria treatment, taking both together, is starting to fail. International groups of researchers analyzed the DNA from hundreds of malaria parasites to find out how they learned to shrug off piperaquine. They uncovered genetic signatures unique to the parasites that were drug-resistant…” (Gallagher, 11/4).

Reuters: Study finds gene markers for drug-resistant malaria in Cambodia
“…[The researchers] say their work could help doctors and health officials monitor and limit the spread of such resistance. In research published in The Lancet Infectious Diseases journal, the team also said a simple test using blood taken from a finger pinprick could show whether a malaria patient has parasites with the genetic markers — allowing doctors to prescribe an alternative treatment…” (Kelland, 11/3).