Multidrug-Resistant Malaria Spreading Quickly In Southeast Asia, Two Lancet Studies Conclude

NPR: Study: Malaria Drugs Are Failing At An ‘Alarming’ Rate In Southeast Asia
“Malaria drugs are failing at an ‘alarming’ rate in Southeast Asia as drug-resistant strains of the malaria parasite emerge. That’s the conclusion of researchers in two new reports — one based on a randomized trial and the other on a genetic study — that have just been released in the medical journal The Lancet. And there’s concern that this drug resistance could spread around the globe…” (Beaubien, 7/22).

Reuters: Multidrug-resistant malaria spreading in Southeast Asia: study
“A strain of malaria resistant to two key drugs has spread rapidly from Cambodia and has become dominant in Vietnam, Laos, and northern Thailand, with a ‘terrifying prospect’ that it could reach Africa, scientists warned on Monday…” (Kelland, 7/22).

Additional coverage of the studies is available from Al Jazeera, BBC News, The BMJ, The Guardian, and The Telegraph.