Preliminary 2018 OECD Data Show Drop In Development Assistance, Worrying Organization’s SG, Aid Advocates

Devex: New aid figures reveal ‘incredible lack of ambition’ from donors
“Development assistance fell 2.7% last year, largely due to countries spending less on hosting refugees and changes to whether these costs qualify as aid. Aid advocates said preliminary data for 2018, released Wednesday by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, painted a worrying picture…” (Chadwick, 4/11).

Public Finance International: Drop in overseas aid ‘worrying’ says OECD
“… ‘This picture of stagnating public aid is particularly worrying as it follows data showing that private development flows are also declining,’ said OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría. ‘Donor countries are not living up to their 2015 pledge to ramp up development finance and this bodes badly for us being able to achieve the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals’…” (O’Toole, 4/11).