Partnership, Cooperation Improve Donor Impact, Effectiveness, AidData Survey Shows

The Guardian: Which are the best aid donors? Governments have their say
Duncan Green, senior strategic adviser at Oxfam Great Britain

“…For years I’ve been moaning about how no one ever asks developing country governments to assess aid donors (rather than the other way around), and how no one publishes a league table of the good, the bad and the seriously ugly. But now AidData has released ‘Listening to Leaders: which development partners do they prefer and why?,’ based on an online survey of 6,750 development policy makers and practitioners in 126 low and middle-income countries. … A big data crunch found that aligning with partner country priorities correlates positively with the extent to which development partners influence government reforms. Listening more to developing countries gets better results than force-feeding them through ‘technical assistance’ programs. … The good news is that AidData is planning similar exercises in 2016 and 2018…” (11/12).