Pakistan Sees 70% Drop In Polio Cases As Previously Inaccessible Areas Open To Vaccination Programs

Agence France-Presse: Pakistan sees major drop in polio cases
“Pakistan has seen a major fall in polio cases this year, officials said Thursday, as a military operation has allowed vaccinators to reach areas previously off-limits because of militant attacks. The World Health Organization (WHO) said there had been 24 cases since January 1, a decline of over 70 percent from the same period last year, when there were 84 cases…” (6/4).

BBC News: Polio in Pakistan: Drop of 70% recorded this year
“…Prime ministerial polio adviser Ayesha Raza said on Wednesday that while it had taken time to eradicate militancy in North Waziristan, the rewards from doing so were ‘already visible in the polio program.’ Ms. Raza told the BBC that polio samples from high-incidence zones — which used to be positive for months on end — were now testing negative again…” (6/3).