Obama Administration Plans To Ask For $755M In FY17 Budget For Cancer ‘Moonshot’ Research

CQ News: Obama to Seek $1 Billion for Cancer ‘Moonshot’ in Budget Plan
“The White House will ask Congress for $1 billion to carry out Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr.’s ‘moonshot’ cancer initiative when it submits its fiscal 2017 budget request next week, according to senior administration officials…” (Zanona, 2/1).

The Hill: Obama seeking $1 billion for ‘cancer moonshot’
“…The funding would directly support Vice President Biden’s ‘moonshot’ bid to cure cancer — a massive government-wide effort that was announced during last month’s State of the Union address…” (Ferris, 2/1).

New York Times: $1 Billion Planned for Cancer ‘Moonshot’
“…The administration will ask for $755 million for cancer-related research in its budget for the 2017 fiscal year, officials said. And the initiative will help oversee $195 million in new funding provided to the National Institutes of Health for the current fiscal year…” (Harris, 2/1).

Reuters: Obama to seek $755 million for cancer ‘moonshot’: White House
“…The money would be spent on developing vaccines, genomic analysis, early cancer detection tests, and cancer immunotherapy and combination therapy research. Rare pediatric cancers will be a specific focus, the White House said…” (Rampton, 2/1).