News Sources Continue Coverage Of ‘London Patient’ HIV Remission Case, Implications For Research

ABC News: The ‘London Patient’ goes into HIV remission: Here’s what that means for HIV treatment (Haghighat/Kamboj, 3/8).

Financial Times: A disease in remission? New hope in the quest to cure HIV (Cookson, 3/8).

New York Times: Bit by Bit, Scientists Gain Ground on AIDS (McNeil, 3/8).

Rewire.News: A Second Person Is ‘Cured’ of HIV. But What Does That Mean? (Kempner, 3/7).

SciDev.Net: AIDS success ‘unworkable’ for vast majority (Chongwang, 3/7).

USA TODAY: Doctors might have found a cure for HIV. But is it worse than the disease? (O’Donnell/Alltucker, 3/8).