Media Outlets Continue Coverage Of ‘London Patient,’ Possible Third Patient, HIV Research Implications

Los Angeles Times: Two patients with HIV are in remission. How many more will follow them? (Healy, 3/6).

New Scientist: A third person may have become HIV-free after a bone marrow transplant (Wilson, 3/5).

Reuters: World’s second man cleared of AIDS virus invigorates quest for cure (Kelland/Steenhuysen, 3/6).

San Francisco Chronicle: Second man cured of HIV sparks hope that millions more could eventually benefit (Allday, 3/6).

Slate: What’s a Cure, Anyway? (Palus, 3/6).

The Telegraph: Gene editing could end HIV, scientists hope, after second patient is ‘cured’ using rare mutation (Knapton, 3/6).

VOA News: A Cure for HIV Is Possible (Pearson, 3/6).