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MSF Clinic In Yemen Hit By Ordnance; Third Incident In 3 Months, Group Says

New York Times: Hospital Aided by Doctors Without Borders Is Bombed in Yemen
“A hospital in northern Yemen supported by the medical charity Doctors Without Borders was struck by ordnance early Sunday, killing at least four people and causing several buildings to collapse, the organization said in a statement…” (Fahim, 1/10).

Reuters: ‘Projectile’ hits Médecins Sans Frontières clinic in Yemen, killing four: MSF
“…MSF said it was not clear who was behind the attack that also wounded 10 other people in Shiara Hospital in the Razeh district, where the group has worked since November last year. … ‘This is the third severe incident in the last three months. Our teams struggle on a daily basis to ensure the respect of health facilities,’ MSF wrote…” (Browning, 1/10).