Violence Threatens Resurgence In DRC Ebola Outbreak As MSF Pulls Foreign Staff Out Of Eastern Region; Country’s Measles Deaths Pass 5K

AFP/Al Jazeera: Doctors treating Ebola flee DR Congo’s east amid deadly violence
“The non-profit group Doctors Without Borders (MSF) pulled its foreign staff out of an eastern region of Democratic Republic of Congo after an armed group tried to enter its compound…” (12/4).

Reuters: Measles toll in Congo exceeds 5,000, WHO says
“A measles epidemic in the Democratic Republic of Congo has killed 5,000 people this year, many of them young children, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Thursday…” (Nebehay, 12/5).

Washington Post: Ebola was almost contained in Congo. A wave of violence threatens to bring it roaring back.
“…In the week before the attack on Nov. 28, that victory [of ending the DRC Ebola outbreak] seemed near: Tallies of new cases had dropped below 10, from a high of more than 100 per week earlier this year. But a sudden resurgence of violent incidents has dashed that optimism and cast a pall of fear over the response. More than 500 health workers have had to be moved away from the violence, and the World Health Organization now says there is a risk the outbreak could come roaring back…” (Bearak, 12/5).