More News In Global Health

ABC Science: The next pandemic is coming — and sooner than we think, thanks to changes to the environment (Dulaney, 6/7).

Boston Globe: Vaccines have saved millions of lives, but history shows missteps can prove deadly (Saltzman, 6/6).

The Guardian: ‘Rolling emergency’ of locust swarms decimating Africa, Asia, and Middle East (Ahmed, 6/8).

The Guardian: ‘It’s psychologically easier’: how anti-vaxxers capitalized on coronavirus fears to spread misinformation (Sherpherd, 6/6).

The Guardian: Egyptian father to stand trial on charges of forced FGM of three daughters (Michaelson, 6/5).

NPR: What We Can Learn From The 1968 Hong Kong Flu Pandemic (Garcia-Navarro, 6/7).

POLITICO: European Commission wants social media to report monthly on Covid-19 misinformation (Scott et al., 6/7).

SciDev.Net: ‘Most successful’ vaccine summit raises US$8.8 billion (Broom, 6/5).

STAT: After retractions of two Covid-19 papers, scientists ask what went wrong (Begley, 6/8).

STAT: Researcher involved in retracted Lancet study has faculty appointment terminated, as details in scandal emerge (Herper/Sheridan, 6/7).

U.N. News: World Food Safety Day: From planting to your plate, everyone has a role to play (6/7).

VOA: Rights Groups Condemn Attack on Aid Workers in Cameroon (Kindzeka, 6/6).

Xinhua: UNICEF condemns killing of children in DR Congo (6/6).