More News In Global Health

Associated Press: Scientists in Germany improve malaria drug production (Rising, 2/22).

CIDRAP News: WHO changes 2 strains for 2018-19 flu vaccine (Schnirring, 2/22).

Devex: Humanitarian sector in DRC not able to access many of the affected populations (Jerving, 2/23).

The Guardian: Drug-resistant superbug to blame for deadly typhoid outbreak in Pakistan (Janjua, 2/22).

The Guardian: Somaliland set to ban FGM but activists fear new law will fall short (Bowman, 2/23).

New York Times: Haiti Suspends Oxfam Great Britain After Sex Scandal (Porter, 2/22).

Reuters: Northern Ireland abortion laws violate women’s rights, U.N. body says (Miles, 2/23).

VOA News: Nigeria’s Boko Haram Victims Totally Dependent on External Aid (Schlein, 2/21).

Xinhua News: Brazil to vaccinate entire population against yellow fever (2/23).