More News In Global Health

AP: U.N. to vote Friday on new Syria cross-border aid resolution (Lederer, 1/10).

CIDRAP News: WHO: Flu on the rise in Northern Hemisphere (Soucheray, 1/9).

The Economist: A rare outbreak of polio reflects the Philippines’ poor health care (1/11).

The Guardian: ‘They don’t help’: refugees condemn U.N. over failures that drove them to sea (Hayden, 1/9).

HealthDay News: HIV Triggers Immune System ‘Amnesia’ to Smallpox: Study (Preidt, 1/9).

The Hill: How is a high-end camping company in America changing millions of lives in Africa? (Welch, 1/9).

Homeland Preparedness News: CARB-X awards $1.4M to Centauri Therapeutics for new approach to fighting drug-resistant bacteria (Galford, 1/9).

New York Times: When the Cobra Bites, You’ll Be Glad Someone Sequenced Its Genome (Bakalar, 1/9).

New York Times: The Gene Drive Dilemma: We Can Alter Entire Species, but Should We? (Khan, 1/8).

Reuters: Kenya warns locust swarm is spreading, threatening food security (Obulutsa et al., 1/10).

Science: China delivers verdict on gene editing of babies (Cohen/Normille, 1/10).

Xinhua: Malawi to administer 2nd human papilloma virus vaccine (1/9).