More News In Global Health

CIDRAP News: New study shows Zika’s long arm in children (Soucheray, 1/6).
MedPage Today: Zika-Exposed ‘Normal’ Infants May Do Worse as Time Goes On (Walker, 1/6).

Devex: Former PATH CEO cautions against creating new global health silos (Kumar, 1/8).

New Humanitarian: Reporter’s Diary: Hazardous handshakes and other indignities in the time of Ebola (Freudenthal, 1/7).

NPR: Over 900 Infants Died In One Hospital In India In 2019. What Went Wrong? (Thiagarajan, 1/7).

The Telegraph: ‘Once rabies develops, there is no treatment’: Pakistan’s plight to prevent ancient disease (Farmer, 1/7).

U.N. News: Syria: Civilians face ‘daily nightmare’ in Idlib, says top U.N. official (1/7).

Wired: Scientists Figured Out the Indian Cobra’s Genome — at Last (Molteni, 1/6).