More News In Global Health

BBC News: Kenyan survivors: Cancer is ‘national disaster’ (8/1).

The Economist: A history of humankind’s enemy number one (8/1).

The Guardian: Running dry: the water crisis driving migration to the U.S. (Lakhani, 8/1).

The Lancet: Honduras’s worst dengue outbreak in 50 years (Alves, 8/3).

The Lancet: North Korea ‘on the verge of a food crisis’ (Devi, 8/3).

MedPage Today: WHO Report Casts Shadow on Global Anti-HIV Fight (Walker, 7/31).

New York Times: Vas Narasimhan of Novartis: ‘We Are Not at All Prepared for a Pandemic’ (Gelles, 8/1).

New York Times: In Zimbabwe, the Water Taps Run Dry and Worsen ‘a Nightmare’ (Kingsley et al., 7/31).

Reuters: Philippines weighs re-use of controversial dengue vaccine (Lema, 8/2).

SciDev.Net: Childhood cancer claims 7 million years of life in poorer nations (Vesper, 8/2).

The Telegraph: Could an army of female ‘tele-medics’ solve Pakistan’s chronic doctor shortage? (Farmer, 8/31).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: New taskforces to tackle ‘missing wombs’ scandal in rural India (Srivastava, 8/2).