More News In Global Health

Devex: Health worker attacks are up, but numbers might not tell the full story (Lieberman, 5/21).

Global Health NOW: Start Local to Stop Air Pollution (5/19).

Global Press Journal: Unclear Abortion Laws in Uganda Leave Women Who Are Raped Unsure of Options (Segawa, 5/19).

Global Press Journal: In Zambia, Rumors About Birth Control Hinder Family Planning (Phiri, 5/15).

Homeland Preparedness News: WHO Science Division creates online resource for neglected disease R&D efforts (Galford, 5/20).

New York Times: Nurse Hitchhikes to Help Girl Whose Photo Drew Attention to Hunger in Venezuela (Herrera/Kurmanaev, 5/20).

Reuters: Dengue fever numbers soar on La Reunion: WHO (Miles, 5/21).

U.N. News: Hunger in Yemen: WFP considers aid suspension in face of repeated interference by some Houthi leaders (5/20).

VOA News: Uganda Remembers AIDS Victims (Athumani, 5/17).

Washington Post: For Melinda Gates, heartbreak motivates philanthropy (Ottesen, 5/21).

Xinhua News: Malnourished children receive treatment at care-center in Yemen (5/20).

Xinhua News: Thailand records over 20,000 cases of dengue fever in nearly 5 months (5/20).