More News In Global Health

CIDRAP News: Study: Preventive antibiotics after assisted birth could reduce maternal infections (Dall, 5/14).

Devex: Development disrupted: A conversation with Kristin Lord and George Ingram (5/15).

The Guardian: ‘Go and we die, stay and we starve’: the Ethiopians facing a deadly dilemma (Gardner, 5/15).

South China Morning Post: Dengue fever is now like the flu, WHO chief says while urging countries to consider using new vaccine in fight against disease (Benitez, 5/15).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: As risks rise, too little is spent to avert disasters, say U.N. and Red Cross (Rowling, 5/14).

Xinhua News: Sri Lanka still at risk despite being certified as malaria-free by WHO (5/15).