More News In Global Health

CIDRAP: Oman reports second MERS cluster, 8 new cases, 2 deaths (Schnirring, 3/4).

IRIN: Briefing: Months after a massacre in Congo, little aid but plenty of fear (Dennison, 3/4).

New York Times: Diagnoses by Horn, Payment in Goats: An African Healer at Work (McNeil, 3/4).

New York Times: On Dakar’s Streets, Working Out Is a Way of Life. Pollution Is Spoiling the Rush (Searcey/Barry, 3/5).

Quartz: Luke Perry’s death reminds us stroke is a leading killer (Staley, 3/4).

SciDev.Net: Mass drug administration against malaria seen effective (3/4).

Science: A prescription for Madagascar’s broken health system: data and a focus on details (Roberts, 2/28).

The Telegraph: Testing everyone for HIV leads to drop in infection by a third (Gulland, 3/5).

U.N. News: Air pollution, the ‘silent killer’ that claims seven million lives a year: rights council hears (3/4).