More News In Global Health

Axios: How other countries set their drug prices (Owens, 2/11).

BBC News: Yemen war: Grain stores in Hudaydah ‘at risk of rotting’ (2/11).

The BMJ: Two TB survivors challenge Janssen’s new bedaquiline patent in India (2/11).

Forbes: All Talks And No Action: The UN Struggles To Lead By Example On Gender Equality (Blum, 2/11).

The Guardian: Aid agencies pull out of Idlib in face of new terror threat (McKernan, 2/12).

IRIN: Security checks delaying urgent healthcare for Syrians fleeing Islamic State: U.N. official (Slemrod, 2/11).

PRI: Leprosy in India is back, but it never really went away (Mohta, 2/11).

U.N. News: Engaging women and girls in science ‘vital’ for Sustainable Development Goals (2/11).
Xinhua News: U.N. chief laments gender gap in STEM (2/11).