More News In Global Health

Al Jazeera: The forgotten: Living with HIV in war-ravaged Yemen (Shaker/Edroos, 1/21).

Associated Press: Pakistan kicks off year’s first polio campaign in 2019 (1/21).

Associated Press: U.N.: 2 polio cases in Mozambique caused by virus from vaccine (1/22).

BBC News: Why are so many people still dying from snake bites? (Casewell/Ainsworth, 1/21).

CIDRAP News: New one-dose drug prevents malaria relapse, studies show (Soucheray, 1/18).

CNN: A two-child policy in overpopulated India? It won’t work, say experts (Gupta, 1/21).

CNN: Superbugs and anti-vaxxers make WHO’s list of 10 global health threats (Yan, 1/21).

Devex: Life in the shadows: Living with disabilities in a conflict zone (Mednick, 1/21).

Forbes: Measles Outbreaks Show Why Anti Vaxxers Made WHO’s 10 Global Health Threats (Lee, 1/20).

Global Citizen: There’s a ‘Deliveroo’ for Tampons and Contraceptives in East Africa (Hitchings-Hales, 1/17).

Health Policy Watch: As Waistlines Increase, Diabetes Sets In In Tanzania (Makoye, 1/15).

Homeland Preparedness News: Mosquito sparks malaria fears in Ethiopia (Galford, 1/18).

The Telegraph: Harnessing Africa’s baby boom: Women seize power over their fertility — and future (Newey, 1/18).

VOA News: Guinea Worm Disease Could Soon be Wiped Out, Experts Say (1/17).

Xinhua News: Afghanistan launches polio vaccination in high-risk districts (1/21).