More News In Global Health

CNN: Dogs can sniff out malaria parasites on your clothes (Adebayo, 10/29).
The Guardian: Dogs can detect malaria by sniffing people’s socks (Davis, 10/29).

Devex: Q&A: World Food Prize laureate Nabarro on nutrition and conflict (Welsh, 10/30).

Miami Herald: New vaccine launched in Haiti could save up to 270,000 children a year (Charles, 10/29).

Reuters: South Sudan violence blocking food aid, says U.N.’s WFP (Fick/Dumo, 10/29).

Quartz Africa: This African billionaire wants us to talk openly about family planning to beat poverty (Dahir, 10/30).

UPI: Births less than a year apart increase risk for baby, older moms (Cone, 10/29).