More News In Global Health

CIDRAP News: DRC reports second Ebola case from urban hub (Schnirring, 9/10).

Global Health NOW: The Lessons of Alma-Ata (Simpson, 9/9).

The Guardian: Polio outbreak in Papua New Guinea reaches capital Port Moresby (Lyons, 9/10).

The Guardian: Spanish flu: the killer that still stalks us, 100 years on (Honigsbaum, 9/9).

Motherboard: Bicycle Ambulances Helped Cut the Malaria Death Rate in Zambia by 96 Percent (Rogers, 9/10).

Namibia Economist: 16 Countries Ink Windhoek Declaration to End Malaria in the Region by 2030 (Rasmeni, 9/10).

Newsweek: World Suicide Prevention Day: 15th Annual Event Takes Aim at Illustrating the Importance of Mental Health (Murdock, 9/10).

New York Times: Rich Nations Vowed Billions for Climate Change. Poor Countries Are Waiting (Ives, 9/9).

PRI: She saved a pregnant woman’s life. Now, she works to make childbirth safer for all Afghan women (Jaafari, 9/10).

Thomson Reuters Foundation: Rich nations must act to avoid ‘refugee catastrophe’ in East Africa — aid agencies (Bhalla, 9/10).

Xinhua News: Chinese TV firm partners with UNAIDS to promote AIDS awareness in Kenya (9/10).