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London Summit Galvanized Global Community On Family Planning

“The most visible event last year for the family planning team here at the [Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation], and for all of our family health team was the London Summit on Family Planning,” Gary Darmstadt, head of the family health division of the foundation; Shannon Harris, a research analyst at the foundation; and Monica Kerrigan, an expert in family planning, reproductive and maternal health in Africa and Asia, write in the foundation’s “Impatient Optimists” blog. “The summit galvanized the global community to support the rights of women and girls to access family planning information, supplies and services, and included bold commitments by more than 20 countries to address the policy, financing, and delivery barriers to meet the family planning needs of women and families and improve maternal, newborn and child health in the poorest countries in the world,” they write, adding, “These partnerships will also move FP2020 forward — to sustain the momentum from London and ensure all partners are working together to achieve and support the goals and commitments announced at the summit” (5/16).