Global Health Community Discusses COVID-19 In Africa, Response Summit, Vaccines, Other Pandemic Topics

IntraHealth International’s “VITAL”: A SwitchPoint Podcast for the Era of COVID-19
Casey Bishopp, communications officer at IntraHealth International (5/1).

Médecins Sans Frontières: MSF supports efforts to treat COVID-19 in Liberia (5/4).

ONE: Why access to vaccinations is key to end this crisis
Anne Paisley, senior editorial manager at ONE (5/5).

U.N.: Malawi braces for Covid-19 (May 2020).

U.N. Environment: Faith-based organizations can help the transition to a more sustainable post-COVID-19 world (5/4).

Wellcome: 5 matters of urgency for the Coronavirus Global Response Summit
Alex Harris, head of global policy with the policy and advocacy team at Wellcome (5/4).

World Food Programme: The United Arab Emirates supports the establishment of a global humanitarian lifeline to nations most exposed to COVID-19 (5/4).