Japan’s Upcoming G7 Presidency Offers Opportunity For International Community To Rally Around Global Health Preparedness, UHC

Huffington Post: It’s Time for Action on Universal Health Coverage
Jim Yong Kim, president of the World Bank Group

“…Japan’s upcoming G7 presidency presents a golden opportunity to remedy [a global lack of access to basic health care] by making progress toward universal health coverage, or UHC, in every country. Since Japan established universal health coverage, it has helped take this concept global, sharing knowledge and resources, and rallying political will. … [T]he world is rallying to Japan’s priorities of building resilient and sustainable health systems and enhancing the global health architecture to respond to public health emergencies. The World Bank Group is working with other organizations to do its part. … Japan’s G7 presidency in May is our moment for action. … It also is our opportunity to prepare ourselves before the next pandemic hits. Accomplishing these goals will represent a quantum leap forward in people’s health and economic well-being” (12/16).