Indian Sterilization Program Leaves 10 Women Dead, Dozens Hospitalized

News outlets report on the deaths of 10 and hospitalizations of dozens of Indian women who underwent sterilization procedures in the central state of Chhattisgarh.

Bloomberg News: Doctor Used Infected Tools on Indian Women as 10 Dead
“An Indian surgeon used infected instruments to sterilize 83 women in about six hours, according to a local medical official, leaving 10 of them dead and another 69 hospitalized in the central state of Chhattisgarh…” (Krishnan, 11/11).

Financial Times: Indian women die after sterilizations
“A government-sponsored mass sterilization program in India went tragically wrong this week, with eight women dying and dozens more left critically ill after undergoing the procedure at a clinic in the rural state of Chhattisgarh…” (Kazmin, 11/11).

Reuters: Ten women die after botched surgery at sterilization ‘camp’ in India
“…The women fell ill on Monday after having laparoscopic tubectomies two days earlier at a so-called family planning camp at a village. Such camps are held regularly in Chhattisgarh and other Indian states as part of a long-running effort to control India’s booming population…” (Dash, 11/11).

Wall Street Journal: India Sterilization Deaths Prompt Medical Inquiry
“…A committee formed to investigate the deaths had so far not reached any conclusion, local officials said. As of Tuesday morning, 68 of the women operated on had been admitted to four hospitals across the district, according to Dr. [Amar Singh] Thakur, the divisional joint director of health services in the district. Several remained in a critical condition, according to local officials…” (Seervai/Anand, 11/11).