Gates’s Annual Letter Contains ‘Sharp Contrasts’ Between Their Outlook, President Trump’s Worldview

Fortune: What Bill and Melinda Gates See That Donald Trump Doesn’t
William C. Taylor, cofounder of Fast Company

“…[T]his year’s [annual letter from Bill and Melinda Gates] is particularly powerful — and, truth be told, disconcerting. That’s because the world [they describe] seems completely at odds with the attitudes, priorities, and policies of Donald Trump and the new administration in Washington. … Here … are a few things that Bill and Melinda Gates see that Donald Trump doesn’t. Things keep getting better, not worse, and progress will accelerate, not slow down. … Science and technology really matter, and sometimes the simplest technologies have the most dramatic impact. … You can’t be serious about creating wealth and improving society unless you’re serious about elevating the status of women. … Those are just a few of the sharp contrasts between the outlook of Bill and Melinda Gates and Donald Trump. I urge you to read the whole letter and develop your own takeaways. … [I]t’s impossible not to be struck by how differently these supremely powerful people see and explain the world. I’ll leave it to you to reckon with the implications of these differences for your business, your approach to leadership, and the future of the planet” (2/17).