Gates Foundation Blog Post Discusses Importance Of Dispelling Social Taboos Surrounding Menstruation

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s “Impatient Optimists”: Why It’s Important To Break The Silence On Menstrual Health
Madhu Krishna, country lead for water, sanitation and hygiene at BMGF, India, discusses the importance of education about menstruation and providing access to the hygiene and sanitation resources women need. She writes, “The need of the hour is to break the silence around menstruation. We need to understand the acute disadvantage that women face while menstruating and account for it across the entire sanitation value chain. … True success will be achieved when we establish menstruation as a normal process and get rid of all social taboos and myths which make it difficult for women to deal with such a basic, and significant portion of their life…” (6/23).