G7 Leaders Should Make Firm Commitment, Act To End AIDS

Devex: Making HIV and AIDS rhetoric a reality once and for all
Mike Podmore, policy manager with the International HIV/AIDS Alliance

“This time 10 years ago, world leaders of what was then the G8 made a historic commitment to universal access to HIV prevention, treatment, care, and support by 2010. United Nations member states went on to make the same promise at the U.N. world summit in New York just two months later. We’ve come a long way in a decade, that’s for sure. But we cannot yet say that we are anywhere near achieving universal access. … [G]lobal health will again play an important role in this year’s G7 summit under the German presidency and it is to be hoped that the G7 will not only make a firm commitment to end AIDS by 2030 but also this time make the rhetoric a reality once and for all” (6/4).