Frontline Health Workers Critical To Effective Vaccine Delivery In India

Live Mint: The top delivery challenge in India
Ramanan Laxminarayan, vice president for research and policy at the Public Health Foundation of India

“…Vaccine delivery requires more than just syringes and needles. The vaccines need to be kept in a cold chain from the moment they are manufactured until they are administered. … [H]igh-tech monitoring ensures vaccines do not spoil en route to remote areas. … Smart technology, targeted resources, and human resolve are required in equal measures. Though the first two often receive attention, frontline health workers are essential in the war against vaccine-preventable diseases and form the backbone of the immunization program [in India]. The commitment of our frontline health workers to the implementation of latest technological solutions has helped to scale up the immunization program to reach the remotest part of the country and to make sure that no child remains unimmunized” (12/8).