Experts Skeptical Ban On Smoking In Public Places In China Can Curb Tobacco Use

News outlets examine China’s proposal to institute a ban on smoking in public places.

NBC News: Can China really stop 350 million people from smoking?
“…It was hardly a surprise when the National Health and Family Planning Commission announced last week that China — the world’s largest producer and consumer of tobacco and home to nearly a third of the world’s smokers — was planning to ban smoking in public places nationwide by year’s end. … Little is known about the timeline for the proposed ban and how it would be implemented. The government declined to provide NBC News with any additional details about the plan, and anti-smoking advocates had no answers about enforcement either…” (Flanagan/Zhang, 1/18).

United Press International: Chinese smoking ban raises concerns in experts
“Health experts say they doubt a smoking ban in China will reduce the size of the country’s smoking population…” (1/18).