National Security, Public Health Experts Warn Of Deteriorations In U.S.-China Relations Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

New York Times: Coronavirus Drives the U.S. and China Deeper Into Global Power Struggle
“…The withering criticism [of China amid the COVID-19 pandemic] is an abrupt change in tone for a president who has long sought to stay on friendly terms with his Chinese counterpart, Xi Jinping, and who initially praised Mr. Xi’s government for ‘doing a very professional job’ against the epidemic. But as Mr. Trump and top American officials toughen their condemnations of Mr. Xi’s government, national security and public health experts fear that the two world powers are heading into a new Cold War that could seriously undermine joint efforts to quash the virus and salvage the global economy…” (Crowley et al., 3/22).

Additional coverage of U.S.-China relations amid the COVID-19 pandemic is available from The Hill, NBC, and NPR.