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Ebola Workers Seek Pay In Liberia; Sierra Leone To Compensate Families Of Workers Who Die Of Disease

News outlets report on compensation for Ebola contact tracers in Liberia and the families of health workers who die of the disease in Sierra Leone.

Foreign Policy: Liberia Is Stiffing Its Contact Tracers as Ebola Epidemic Continues
“Some 600 angry Ebola workers surrounded Liberia’s Ministry of Health Monday demanding back pay dating from early September. The ministry employees who track down anyone who may have come into contact with an Ebola victim — a critical process called contact tracing — have never received a dime…” (Garrett, 11/11).

Reuters: Sierra Leone to pay families of health workers who die of Ebola
“Sierra Leone will make a one-off payment of $5,000 to the family of any health worker who dies as a result of treating an Ebola patient, authorities said on Tuesday, as a sixth doctor in the country tested positive for the virus…” (Fofana, 11/12).