Ebola Threatens Liberia’s National Existence, Country’s Defense Minister Warns

News outlets report on the worsening Ebola outbreak and Liberia’s national defense minister’s comments that the outbreak is threatening the nation’s existence.

Agence France-Presse: Ebola threatening Liberia’s existence, minister warns
“Ebola is threatening the very existence of Liberia as the killer virus spreads like ‘wild fire,’ the defense minister warned, following a grim World Health Organization assessment that the worst is yet to come…” (Dosso, 9/10).

Reuters: Ebola seriously threatens Liberia’s national existence: minister
“Liberia’s national existence is ‘seriously threatened’ by the deadly Ebola virus that is ‘spreading like wild fire and devouring everything in its path,’ the country’s national defense minister told the United Nations Security Council on Tuesday…” (Nichols, 9/10).

Reuters: Liberia president urges more international help fighting Ebola
“Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf said on Tuesday she expects the Ebola crisis gripping her country to worsen in the coming weeks as health workers struggle with inadequate supplies, a lack of outside support, and a population in fear…” (Valdmanis, 9/9).