Discovery Of Antibodies Effective Against All Dengue Strains Holds Vaccine Promise, Study Says

Bloomberg News: Mosquito-Borne Dengue Targeted by Antibody With Hope for Vaccine
“Scientists have discovered new antibodies that neutralize viruses that cause dengue, potentially putting a universal vaccine within reach for a mosquito-borne illness that strikes an estimated 400 million people a year. The antibodies are effective against all four dengue viruses, according to an article published [Monday] in Nature Immunology…” (Staley, 12/15).

The Guardian: Dengue fever vaccine on the cards after novel antibody discovery
“…The researchers spotted the new group of antibodies while they were studying blood drawn from patients who picked up dengue infections in South-East Asia. … In follow-up work reported in the study, the scientists went on to manufacture a batch of the human antibodies. Once they have cleared trials, these could be used to treat dengue fever, or administered to protect people against the virus…” (Sample, 12/15).