Continued U.S. Support For Gavi, Global Leadership Will Help Save Children’s Lives, Pastors Write In Opinion Piece

The Hill: Vaccines save children’s lives and we need to fund them
Ashley Randall, pastor of the Garden City United Methodist Church in Savannah, Georgia, and David Allgire, executive pastor of campuses at Compassion Christian Church in Southern Georgia

“…This year, Gavi needs countries around the world to recommit to funding their efforts. The organization is seeking to raise at least $7.4 billion from international donors and the private sector so it can save up to 8 million lives while vaccinating 300 million children. … We are thankful that the budget President Trump proposed this month included full funding for Gavi. Now Congress has the opportunity to demonstrate the power of U.S. leadership and compassion in the fight against preventable disease by allowing initiatives, like Gavi, to expand their current strategy and help millions of children access life-saving vaccines. … We have a duty to ensure that children and families can lead healthy lives. By continuing America’s full commitment to Gavi, we will” (2/20).