Chinese Officials Report Additional H7N9 Bird Flu Cases

News outlets report on a growing number of H7N9 bird flu cases in China, fueling concern among experts.

Reuters: More infected in fresh wave of China bird flu – WHO
“Another 23 people in China have been infected with the H7N9 strain of bird flu in recent days, the World Health Organization (WHO) said on Monday, adding to at least 24 new cases last week and confirming a fresh surge in the virus…” (Kelland, 1/20).

U.N. News Centre: U.N. agency warns of growing bird flu risk, urges vigilance ahead of Chinese holidays
“The United Nations agricultural agency today issued a new warning that bird flu viruses are on the rise again in China and urged neighboring countries to be extra vigilant head of the upcoming Chinese New Year festivities…” (1/20).

Bloomberg News: Shanghai Says Medical Worker Dies From H7N9 Bird Flu Infection
“A medical worker at a Shanghai hospital died from the H7N9 bird flu infection as the virus spreads further in China during the winter months…” (Khan, 1/20).

New York Times: Rise in Bird Flu Cases in China Stokes Worry Before Peak Travel Time
“China is disclosing a steadily growing number of cases of H7N9 bird flu, including four more cases announced on Friday, reviving concerns among health experts that the disease may be spreading and could pose a further threat as the world’s largest annual human migration begins ahead of Chinese New Year…” (Bradsher, 1/17).