Flu Cases Down In Southern Hemisphere Amid Pandemic; Madagascar Hospitals Overwhelmed With Coronavirus Patients While Yemen Sees Few Full Beds; U.S. Hospitalizations Close In On April Peak; Arab Nations Should Look To Resolve Conflicts, U.N. SG Says


BBC News: Coronavirus: Madagascar hospitals ‘overwhelmed’ (7/22).

Bloomberg: South Africa Secures $304 Million Virus Loan From AfDB (Naidoo, 7/22).

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Xinhua: Chinese embassy hands over medical supplies to Kenya to combat COVID-19 (7/23).


The Telegraph: Mass exodus from Dhaka as the economic impact of Covid-19 forces Bangladeshis to flee cities (Savage/Farhad, 7/22).

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Wall Street Journal: Covid-19 Measures Have All but Wiped Out the Flu in the Southern Hemisphere (Luhnow et al., 7/22).


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U.N. News: COVID-19 provides opportunity to resolve conflicts, address weaknesses across Arab region: U.N. chief (7/23).

U.N. News: Iran urged to release rights activist with COVID-19 symptoms ‘before it is too late’ (7/22).


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PBS NewsHour: U.S. must collect this data in order to contain pandemic, former CDC director says (Woodruff, 7/22).