China’s President Xi Emphasizes Country’s Focus On Coronavirus Control As Wuhan Reports Medical Supply Shortages

NPR: People In Epicenter Of Coronavirus Are Desperate For Medical Help
“People inside the Chinese city of Wuhan describe a coronavirus situation that sounds increasingly desperate as more of them fall sick and scramble to get treatment and hospital beds..” (Feng, 2/4).

Reuters: China’s Xi says coronavirus control the most important task
“Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday said coronavirus control was the most important task at the moment, China’s state television reported…” (Zhang/Lee, 2/3).

Washington Post: China built a massive hospital in 10 days to combat coronavirus. And it’s not enough.
“…Dubbed the ‘super-fast hospital’ by the state-owned China Daily newspaper, construction of the 1,000-bed Huoshenshan facility began formally on Jan. 25. Officials hope the facility will relieve pressure on Wuhan’s overcrowded medical institutions, where some seeking care have been turned away because of a shortage of beds and basic supplies…” (Brice-Saddler, 2/3).