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China Arrests 37 Associated With Sales Of Improperly Stored Vaccines

Associated Press: China detains dozens after sales of poorly stored vaccines
“Police in eastern China have detained 37 people implicated in a scandal involving the selling of poorly refrigerated and probably ineffective vaccines, state media reported Wednesday…” (3/23).

BBC News: China vaccine scandal: 37 arrested
“…The estimated $88m (¬£61m) worth of vaccines were not properly refrigerated or transported. The illegal vaccine ring, said to have been in operation since 2011, has sparked widespread anger in China…” (3/23).

Reuters: China vaccine scandal stokes anger as regulators come under fire
“…The government has said the vaccines themselves were real, although traded illegally. The issue of regulation, from food and drugs to online sales, has become increasingly contentious in China as it looks to cast off a reputation for poor quality and safety…” (Jourdan et al., 3/23).