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Chinese Authorities Order Investigation Into Vaccines Scandal Affecting Children

Associated Press: Chinese leaders order probe over vaccine scandal
“Chinese leaders are scrambling to shore up public confidence and oversight of the pharmaceutical industry after a rabies vaccine maker was found faking records, the latest in a slew of public health and safety scandals that have outraged Chinese parents…” (Shih, 7/23).

Financial Times: Beijing battles public anger over latest vaccine scandal
“…Regulators said that Changchun Changsheng Biotech had forged data during the production of some 110,000 rabies vaccines and disclosed that the same company had also sold more than 250,000 ‘substandard’ diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (DTP) vaccines to medical centers last year. … It was not clear how many people had received the faulty vaccines or what the effect of receiving them could be…” (Xueqiao/Hancock, 7/23).

Reuters: Chinese vaccine firm hit with probes as Beijing seeks to tamp down outrage
“…Eager to contain snowballing public outrage over the scandal and maintain confidence in China’s vaccine industry, authorities have responded with sharp condemnation and calls for swift punishment. President Xi Jinping has denounced the scandal as ‘vile and shocking’…” (Jourdan, 7/23).