Chinese Authorities Investigating Vaccine Stocks After Improper Storage, Sales Discovered

New York Times: China Says It Found Ring Said to Sell Improperly Stored Vaccines
“The police in China said they had uncovered a criminal ring suspected of selling improperly stored vaccines in dozens of provinces beginning in 2010. After the arrest of a former doctor and her daughter in Shandong Province, in eastern China, the police said they were searching for 300 suspects across the country…” (Ramzy, 3/21).

Reuters: China vows crackdown on fake vaccines amid scandal
“…The drug regulator in Shandong, the province at the heart of the scandal, said on Monday it would work with police forces and the health ministry to inspect vaccine stocks to ascertain where 570 million yuan ($88 million) worth of vaccines had ended up. The case, which involves vaccines against meningitis, rabies, and other illnesses, underlines the challenge the world’s second-largest drug market faces to regulate its fragmented supply chain, even as Beijing looks to support home-grown firms…” (Jourdan, 3/21).