Canada Suspends Visas For Residents, Nationals Of Ebola-Stricken West African Nations

News outlets report Canada is restricting visas for people from West African nations hit worst by the Ebola epidemic.

Agence France-Presse: Canada halts visas for residents of Ebola-hit nations
“Canada on Friday announced it was suspending visa applications for residents of Ebola-hit nations in a bid to prevent the deadly virus from crossing its borders…” (10/31).

Associated Press: Canada restricts visas amid Ebola scare
“…Canada’s Conservative government said Friday it is suspending visa applications for residents and nationals of countries with ‘widespread and persistent-intense transmission’ of Ebola virus disease…” (Gillies, 10/31).

The Hill: Canada halts visas from countries hit by Ebola
“…The decision was announced several days after Australia took a similar step, a move that has come under unusually harsh criticism by the World Health Organization (WHO) and other Western governments…” (Ferris, 10/31).

Reuters: Canada imposes visa ban on three Ebola-hit countries
“…Under the new regulations, which come into force immediately, Canada will not process visa applications from foreign nationals who have been in an Ebola-affected country within the previous three months. U.S. President Barack Obama is so far resisting pressure to impose similar travel restrictions…” (Ljunggren/Hodgson, 10/31).