Blog Examines Report On Wealthy Nations’ Development Policies, Effectiveness Of Foreign Aid

In a post in the Center for Global Development’s (CGD) “Global Development: Views from the Center” blog, Owen Barder, senior fellow and director for Europe at the center, and Petra Krylová, program coordinator in CGD’s Europe office, examine the 2013 results of the CGD’s “Commitment to Development Index, now in its 11th year, [which] gauges whether wealthy countries are pursuing development-friendly policies ­– not just on aid but on many other things which matter for development” (12/4). In a separate post, Barder examines the effectiveness of foreign aid, noting, “According to the OECD, total aid since 1960 has been about $2.6 trillion in cash terms, which works out at about $4.7 trillion in 2013 prices.” He states, “Some aid programs fail, and some of those failures are avoidable. We can continue to improve the value for money of aid, and we have an obligation both to taxpayers and to the people we are trying to help to do so” (12/5).