Blocking Malaria Transmission From Human To Mosquito With Vaccine Could Help Eliminate Disease

The Guardian: Humans give malaria to mosquitoes — we need a vaccine to stop this
Ashley Birkett, director of the PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative

“On Wednesday, the world marks World Mosquito Day to commemorate the 1897 discovery by British doctor Sir Ronald Ross that malaria in people is transmitted to and from mosquitoes. But on this day, let’s focus on approaching malaria in a surprising new way: a vaccine to stop humans from giving malaria to mosquitoes. … There are potential transmission-blocking vaccines in early development. The nonprofit PATH Malaria Vaccine Initiative (MVI) is working with partners to research vaccine approaches. … Should a transmission-blocking vaccine become a reality, it would be another critical tool that paves the way for eliminating and eradicating malaria” (8/20).