2015 Marks Year Malaria Eradication Goal Became Possible

CNN: A turning point in an age-old fight against a killer
Martin Edlund, founding member and CEO of Malaria No More

“…[I]t wasn’t just global leadership that made 2015 so pivotal [in global efforts against malaria]. Breakthrough innovations and swift advances in technology promised to transform the very battleground of our fight against the deadly parasite and the mosquitoes that carry it to humans. … A recent Economist cover story said eradicating malaria would ‘rank among humanity’s greatest achievements.’ In every great achievement there is a moment when the path to success comes into focus. … I believe 2015 has been that moment in the malaria fight. The story of humanity’s battle against its deadliest disease is an inspiring tale of commitment, innovation, and persistence. … Success won’t just mean defeating this single disease — it could provide a blueprint for disease eradication in the 21st century. And it will remind us of what humankind can accomplish when it harnesses its full capacity to change the world for the better” (12/28).