Wuhan Tests 6.5M People For COVID-19 In Days; Chile’s Hospitals Struggle Amid Pandemic; Middle East Fears Resurgence During Eid; Navajo Nation Youth Work To Protect Elders, Cultural Knowledge


AP: Sudan to establish police force to protect health workers (Magdy, 5/23).

The Guardian: How South Africa’s action on Covid-19 contrasts sharply with its response to AIDS (du Plessis, 5/27).

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U.N. News: First Person: The struggle to protect human rights in East Africa during the pandemic (5/26).

Washington Post: ‘We were so ready’: LGBT refugees in Kenya live in fear as global resettlement is put on hold (Bearak/Ombuor, 5/26).


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The Guardian: Sweden ‘wrong’ not to shut down, says former state epidemiologist (Orange, 5/24).

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U.N. News: Yemen aid lifeline near ‘breaking point’: U.N. food agency (5/26).


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